Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Clothes Are A Thing Of The Past

People who do any type of farming sure learn this quickly, if it's not already obvious going in. I have never even attempted to wear a new pair of pants, while in the barn, or doing any farm related task. It's pretty much a guarantee that the nail you were certain wasn't there before, will snag those new pants, and voila a hole. If not that, you'll kneel in a spot that is muddy, and there's your first stain. I have chew spots from the goats on the bottoms of my shirts. Their back teeth are sharp, and this can happen very quickly, even as you're telling them no. Of course I have reserved a few pair of pants and shirts, for errands around town, but the moment I get home I'm back in the farm clothes. My supply of farm clothes seriously outweighs my good ones.


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