Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love/Dislike Relationship Among Goats

I’m always amazed by the dynamics of their relationships. One moment they almost can’t stand one another, and yet, if someone is missing they cry until they come back. One time my doe, Ellie was being naughty at breakfast, and I had to put her outside to eat with her kids. Kalan, one of my wethers, cried and cried until I was done feeding and let everyone back together again. They scuffle with each other, and I know it’s serious, when the ridge of hair stands up on their backs with ears positioned back. Then when it’s time to take a nap, if it’s not too hot, they are best buds again and sleep so close you can’t get a piece of paper between them. I guess in reality their love/dislike relationship is no different than any other family.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mare Stare, LLC

I learned about Mare Stare, LLC through the goat forum that I'm on. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Although it mostly features cams for horse farms, it does have cams for other critters too. Donkeys, sheep, dogs, and more are featured. It's a wonderful concept, whether for someone to monitor their own animal while away from home, people to see a birth of an animal for the first time, or see the birth of an animal they purchased at a distant location. Also, the community they have there of the cam view providers and the viewers, is just awesome. Sometimes, someone can't be home when an animal might be birthing or they need to get some sleep. Their viewers will watch their animal via the cam, and call, if they see an impending birth. It's wonderful too, to see the interactions between the owners and the animals. Once, I watched a horse after giving birth, nuzzling her owner almost as if to be thanking her for being there during the birth. When you go to the site there's a Barn Alarm tab, that gives alerts from the cam view providers, if they expect an impending birth. There's also a list of the public cams they feature. I've found some wonderful farms, ranches, and other breeders and their websites via Mare Stare, LLC.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where's The Rest Of Kalan?

Here's a wonderful family picture. Zoe (middle), Violet (front), Dash (right), Sage (back), and Kalan (left). Uh, that's a body, but where's the rest of Kalan?

Here's the rest of him crashed in the hay tub, in a very, very deep sleep. He slept through my husband getting the camera, and taking the different pictures. He's known for deep sleeping-gotta luv him!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Obsession With Quotes

It's probably easy to tell that I like quotes. I don't remember how it started or when. I love to search through and read quotes. I have a quote in my signature on the goat forum I'm a member of, that I try to change weekly/bi-weekly, and I put a quote of the week on my twitter page. I think the reason I like quotes so much is, because they are like little ah-ha moments. They also can be quite powerful and evoke a truthfulness that can't be denied. ~Like stones, words are laborious and unforgiving, and the fitting of them together, like the fitting of stones, demands great patience and strength of purpose and particular skill.~ Edmund Morrison

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have You Seen My Udder?

I seriously expect to be asked this question by one of my does someday. Oh, it's not because she wants me to take a look at her udder, it will be because her udder is gone. Gone, because the kids pounded it off while nursing. I'm not kidding, I have seen them nurse so aggressively, I've actually told them to ease up some. I jokingly said to my husband one day, when he witnessed it himself, if he ever saw an udder flying through the air he would know where it came from. It amazes me the mommas can tolerate it, but they do.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spending Money-What Else Can I Buy?

I'm curious, if other people do what I do, when it comes time to spend money. Do you think of what else the money could get you, instead of what you're contemplating? Maybe it's more so, if you have a hobby, passion, or you raise some kind of critter. Do you think of money spent on clothing, eating out, or some other purchase, as better spent on the thing you like most. Is there fabric somewhere calling to you, upcoming yard sales that might have treasures, or soap making supplies that could be purchased and even make you money. I find myself thinking of five dollars spent on eating out, is almost half the price of a bag of grain, or almost enough for a bag of goat treats. I think my husband gets a little frustrated whenever I mention my philosophy, but I just can't help myself, maybe it's an age thing. Does anyone else do this, surely I'm not alone?

I Love Ladybugs!