Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have You Seen My Udder?

I seriously expect to be asked this question by one of my does someday. Oh, it's not because she wants me to take a look at her udder, it will be because her udder is gone. Gone, because the kids pounded it off while nursing. I'm not kidding, I have seen them nurse so aggressively, I've actually told them to ease up some. I jokingly said to my husband one day, when he witnessed it himself, if he ever saw an udder flying through the air he would know where it came from. It amazes me the mommas can tolerate it, but they do.


  1. Farmlife isn't so easy, but breastfeeding babies is a wonderful thing and us ole gals were built tuff for it.

  2. Yes, mommas both two legged and four legged are wonderful beings, giving it all to their kids-a natural love.


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