Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mare Stare, LLC

I learned about Mare Stare, LLC through the goat forum that I'm on. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Although it mostly features cams for horse farms, it does have cams for other critters too. Donkeys, sheep, dogs, and more are featured. It's a wonderful concept, whether for someone to monitor their own animal while away from home, people to see a birth of an animal for the first time, or see the birth of an animal they purchased at a distant location. Also, the community they have there of the cam view providers and the viewers, is just awesome. Sometimes, someone can't be home when an animal might be birthing or they need to get some sleep. Their viewers will watch their animal via the cam, and call, if they see an impending birth. It's wonderful too, to see the interactions between the owners and the animals. Once, I watched a horse after giving birth, nuzzling her owner almost as if to be thanking her for being there during the birth. When you go to the site there's a Barn Alarm tab, that gives alerts from the cam view providers, if they expect an impending birth. There's also a list of the public cams they feature. I've found some wonderful farms, ranches, and other breeders and their websites via Mare Stare, LLC.


  1. spotted my giveaway...I now have you posted in a special giveaway for posting me. thank you

  2. I read it on your blog and it's super exciting. Thank you for your generosity.

  3. Congratulations on winning my COTTAGE or CABIN print giveaway! If you spot something else in my ETSY shop that you'd prefer, just let me know what print you'd like ( Thanks so much for entering and for posting about my giveaway! And I just LOVE your goats!!!!!

  4. Thank you Donna for letting me select from your ETSY shop. The Gentleman Farmer got me-love it; I emailed you.


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