Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love/Dislike Relationship Among Goats

I’m always amazed by the dynamics of their relationships. One moment they almost can’t stand one another, and yet, if someone is missing they cry until they come back. One time my doe, Ellie was being naughty at breakfast, and I had to put her outside to eat with her kids. Kalan, one of my wethers, cried and cried until I was done feeding and let everyone back together again. They scuffle with each other, and I know it’s serious, when the ridge of hair stands up on their backs with ears positioned back. Then when it’s time to take a nap, if it’s not too hot, they are best buds again and sleep so close you can’t get a piece of paper between them. I guess in reality their love/dislike relationship is no different than any other family.


  1. Hi, thanks for joining my followers and a big thank you for the link you posted on your site!! There are such nice people in blogland, I am really enjoying meeting all of you.
    I love your story about the goats. We raise sheep, we have over 500 so they are not pets like your goats, but to watch them, even in large numbers, is sometimes amazing. I love that out of a herd of 500 each mama and baby can find each other, they each have a unique "voice" that each other recognizes.
    Have a great day!!

  2. You are welcome Lorna. I believe it was Donna from Sweet Prairie Dwellings who mentioned you. I think it's fun introducing people to other people and blogs, they might not discover on their own. Wow, with 500 sheep, you have my 16 goats beat hands down. So nice too, to meet someone with livestock. Since blogland is so large, sure do enjoy these nice surprises.


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