Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well here it is the answer to what Btrie is, or in my case, what it stands for. I've used Btrie for an ID for various things. Ready, can't wait or thinking get on with it already? Btrie stands for Begin...the rest is easy! Another thing I need to fess up is where it came from. It was from a fortune cookie, yep, you read that right. It has a very special meaning to me. I was planning to raise cashmere goats and I was doing the research, but you know how you can get in that phase where you over think everything. You get stuck in all the details or second guess yourself. However, once I opened the fortune cookie and read it, I took it as a sign to go ahead with my plans right away. Also, when I shared it at a work retreat and a co-worker heard the story about its meaning, it encouraged her after much apprehension to go to college to become a nurse. So, if you've ever contemplated doing something, begin...the rest is easy!


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