Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goats Discovering Changes

I find it so interesting the responses from the goats, whenever I make a change in the barn. I have a board that I cover the door opening with, when I'm doing work, so the goats always know something is going on. They seem to know the difference between, when I'm cleaning the barn, and when a change is taking place. They take those first few steps into the barn, looking around at the pen to see, if they notice anything. Then they keep going, from pen to pen observing closely to see what's different. Finally, they spot the change. You can almost read their minds, "Hmmm, why did she do that?" Then, they might taste or chew it, or simply jump in and try the new feature. So depending on the change, after a few passes or tries at it, you can tell overall they approve. If I gave them an ink pad, I do believe they would give it their stamp of approval or disapproval. I must admit, it would be cool to see hoof prints all over the barn. Two hoofs up they approve, and down they disapprove.


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