Friday, May 14, 2010

Remembering Mom

It's been one year today since Mom passed away. I love her so, and always will. Some people just have this wonderful presence in life, and then are profoundly missed, when gone. I have selected this poem, because I think it best reflects how I feel about Mom.

Thinking Of Mom
© Catherine McGhee

When I think of Mom, I think of all things good.
I think of a time when I felt safe.
Nothing makes me feel as safe as she could.
When I think of Mom, my heart feels a little lighter and if the sun happens to be shinning it shines a little brighter.
When I think of Mom, I see her face so clearly in my mind.
The shape of her nose and her eyes.
Her smile was oh so kind.
When I think of Mom, the world is not the same. Just the thought of my Mom can ease some of this worldly pain.
So I think of Mom all the time, whether I am happy or sad.
My Mom is just a thought away and that makes me very, very glad.


  1. Love this poem.....seems we have some things in for goats and we miss our moms dearly!

  2. Yes on both, very much so! :)


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