Friday, May 21, 2010

Pronounce Your Words Clearly With Goats

Sometimes when it's time to eat, Gabby seems to get frustrated with Lily and Skye, and she might push them away. Also, if she really likes the hay, I think she simply doesn't want to share. Usually, if I see Lily looking for another place to eat, then I know something is up. So, one day when this happened, I asked “Is mummy sharing?” Lily stopped and looked at me with what really seemed to be a puzzled look. It was as if I had said, “Is mummy Sharon?” I swear she gave me a look like I should know better, and her response was “No, mummy is Gabby.” So I learned a valuable lesson that day, pronunciation is very important with goats.


  1. Aren't they the funniest creatures....I swear my boys understand me most of the time!

  2. Yes, my little buckling, Dash helped me find a pin for my fence that was lost. Sure, it could have been pure coincidence that he walked over to it, but since I asked him to help I don't think so. ;)


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